Why you need to make time for yourself!

Why you need to make time for yourself!

When reviewing what causes people stress it is key to learn coping strategies. In Network Marketing if you do not learn the right way to build a business and how to set and keep a schedule you will work more than you need to and accomplish less. Set a list of daily tasks and then do them, rain or shine, sick or well. This one thing can literally change your life. It is why on my day off I am writing this before 6:00 AM, I make space and time for my business daily.

The strongest mentors and leaders I know understand that you have to stay consistent. If you have time to only do one thing daily make sure it is consistent.  We all have time to do more if we choose to turn off the TV and tune out distractions for a set time daily!

Online marketing comes with many distractions of pitches and bright new shiny toys or businesses that are presented daily;  the latest this is it you will get rich with no effort scheme can pull you off your course. The truth is you will need to invest in your business daily with your time and no business will survive without marketing so you will need a budget to work with.

Choose a company that resonates with you on a soul level and has a compensation plan that will actually pay you for the time you invest. I have learned through trial and error in this industry that the $5.00 to riches is false as any business requires an investment in order to fund a commission structure. You can not make thousands from a business that requires no investment or a very small one as to earn even $300.00 from that would require about one thousand personal sign ups.  Note I said personal not building a downline! So please learn from my experience and that of the many successful online network marketers and choose wisely.

When stress overwhelms you and you lose your focus and your time is no longer being spent wisely go for a walk and regroup. A thirty minute walk daily not only rewards your body , it rewards your mind and gives you time to shift your perspective.

Do not lose sight of your why for doing this, focus on it daily and wake with gratitude!