Coastal Black Estate Winery

Coastal Black Estate Winery

We arrived at Coastal Black Estate Winery at the height of #Pumpkin Fest 2016 where not only can you take a hay ride or try your hand at pumpkin bowling, you can also see a pumpkin catapulted by a trebuchet . The property was buzzing with people seeking the perfect pumpkin activity and though they were busy the staff at this winery handled it with ease. Samantha took me through the tasting and I have to say if you are one of those people who believe wine produced with anything other than grapes is not wine, this winery could change your mind.

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I began my tasting with the Spiced Pumpkin wine:

On the nose this wine is pumpkin pie with earthy savoury  notes , in the glass it is dry, earthy, spicy and with just the right amount of pumpkin coming through. This wine is nicely balanced and has a lingering savoury finish. The spices used are those from a pumpkin pie and they add just the right amount without overpowering the pumpkin base notes. Perfect to pair with a butternut squash soup or pumpkin soup.

Next up was the Blueberry Table wine:

This is blueberry sangria in your glass. On the nose some lilac, blueberry and sangria, in the glass a blueberry infused sangria with lovely blueberry notes, moderate acidity and a dry lingering finish.  Sip this on it’s own or pair it with with a lightly seared ahi over a fresh salad.

Onto the Blackberry Table wine:

This is Coastal Black’s flagship wine with good reason. On the nose it is pure blackberry with a hint of vanilla, in the glass it is dry with blackberry flavours that do not overpower, a lingering finish and just the right acidity to make your mouth water. Pair this with dry cheddar, savoury herb cheese or reduce with sage for a sauce to go with your salmon.

I have to say I am a huge fan of Mead and am thrilled that it is making a resurgence and that Coastal Black Estate Winery is producing three styles. I was able to sample two of those and look forward to at a later date sampling the Blueberry Mead.

I sampled the Mead first as the spiced Mead would overpower anything that came after it:

On the nose it is manuka honey, rich and earthy, in the glass it is similar to a dry sake but finishes with a light smooth honey barely sweet acidic finish. Pair this with your sushi or savour it on it’s own. This would also be a great base for some blended cocktails. I plan to use 40 Knots safe Haven 2014 fortified wine with the mead for my own version of a mead Kir Royale.

Last but certainly not least was the Spiced Mead:

Christmas in your glass, on the nose spice of clove, cinnamon and allspice with a hint of honey, in the glass a dryer than I expected meade with an acidic finish that lingers finishing with clove and black pepper. Cook with this wine and play with it, I will be adding it to the whipped cream in place of vanilla to go with pumpkin chiffon pie. Use it in mixed drinks or savour it on it’s own around the hearth with your family.



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