Why you should Cellar Sagewood Winerie’s Cabernet franc 2014

Why you should Cellar Sagewood Winerie’s Cabernet franc 2014

We were touring the Kamloops Wine Trail this past weekend and Sagewood Winery was one of our stops. It is a family run boutique vineyard and has the oldest vines in Kamloops being used for wine production.

There are many wines to sample, most using German varietals that do extremely while in this region and climate. It is a boutique vineyard with handcrafted small batch production so if you taste something you enjoy, do not hesitate to buy it or you may miss out until the following year’s release.

My cellar pick for this vineyard is Cabernet Franc 2014. It is dense with tannin’s and has the right acid balance to lie down and allow to age and soften. When you find a wine with this tannin and acid structure do not hesitate to take a few home and cellar them. It is full bodied with dark chocolate, hints of coffee and raspberries. I expect in five years it will develop notes of caramel, vanilla and have a very long smooth finish.

They are soon to release Riesling 2014 and I look forward to another visit.